RazorFlow Dashboard Framework helps you build interactive dashboards in HTML5 that work well on all modern devices. The best part is you do not have to worry about the quirks involved with cross-browser or cross-device applications, as our framework abstracts all that pain for you.

You can configure components of the dashboard using an intuitive API, which will intelligently render the dashboard according to the capabilities and form-factor of your user's device. RazorFlow Dashboard Framework lets you focus on the important things: your users and the information they care about. You write code for the dashboard only once, but it works perfectly on all modern devices.

Use the JavaScript library to build immersive, interactive dashboards with fine grained control that works with just about any server technology out there.

Downloading Latest Versions

Since RazorFlow is frequently updated with new features, improved stability and better tools - we recommend that you download the latest version when you start development. In the right-column of this page you will find links to download copies of RazorFlow. This is a direct download and there are no forms to fill out, and that link will always download the latest version.